Retention is so important when building a Network Marketing business.  The one thing I hear over and over again when I speak to other Network Marketers is that they can’t find any “builders” or people give up too easily.

I did a Facebook live a few months ago on this topic and gave my top 3 Team Building Tips.

You can watch the replay here:

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3 Team Building Tips and the magic of $1…

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Posted by Kelli Verbosh – Thrive with Purpose on Thursday, March 9, 2017


The number one thing I focus on is getting people paid.  If they love the product and are getting results, I make sure they know how to get their products paid for.  I feel obligated to let them know.  Who wouldn’t want their products to be paid for?  Now, I am in Health and Wellness so it’s easy for people to fall in love with their transformation and it creates the opportunity for their friends and family to ask how they achieved their results.  It is such a visual and emotional experience.  If I can help them earn money for having a result that people are noticing, then that creates RETENTION.

I was blessed to be able to qualify for a leadership training about a year ago hosted by Eric Worre, the guru himself and author of Go Pro.  He spoke about the concept of the Moneyball, or the Magic of $1.  Basically it goes like this…if you can get someone paid $1, it leads to a 70-75% retention in your business.

If you can get them paid $300 in their fist month, it creates a 90-95% retention in your business.  When I took the focus off of my own paycheck and concentrated on creating leaders on my team, that is when my paycheck started to grow each week. Be a servant leader and put the focus on your team.  I promise you, if you are growing other people and stop worrying about yourself, great things will happen for you too.


My next tip is having an effective social media strategy.  There is a right way and wrong way to prospect and build your business on Facebook and MOST people are doing it the wrong way.  If I can go to your personal page and see what company you are partnered with, then you are not creating any curiosity.  And therefore, there is no reason for me to reach out to you and ask for more info.  I can go google it myself and probably find information that is false or untrue about your product.  YOU want to be the one to educate people and find out if your solution is even a good fit for them.  If your personal timeline shows your company, your links, and you’re posting pictures of your products and promotions all over your page, you are actually repelling people.  So, curiosity is what you want to create so that you can ATTRACT the right people to your business.

If you do not have an effective social media strategy or you do not know what that looks like, my good friend Julie Burke, created a Social Media Recruiting Course that I suggest you check out.  She gives real life examples on how to connect with people without sounding spammy or pitchy as well as examples of Facebook posts that create curiosity.  I have used this same strategy over the last 2-1/2 years primarily on Facebook and I was able to grow a team of almost 2,000 people and created a full-time income from home.  Again, make a small investment and learn how to use social media correctly to build your business. Click here for access.


It is no secret that EVENTS help build your business.  Be a leader and go to them!!  Even if you have to start out going by yourself.  If your team sees you going, they will follow.  This is duplication.  Events build your belief in yourself, your company, your products, and the Network Marketing industry itself.  It builds your team.  Your paycheck will increase for every person that you can get to an event.  The most important thing for me about events is that they make you “bulletproof”.  I walk out of events feeling unattached to the outcome. If people say NO to my product or opportunity, it’s ok.  This is about abundance, not scarcity.  

I hope these tips are helpful for you.  The most important thing is to be authentic with your connections, whether it be prospects or your existing customers/team.  Don’t be weird.  People don’t like weird.  Trust me, I know, because I’ve been weird at times.  But it doesn’t have to be that way and it doesn’t have to be that hard.  Network Marketing takes a lot of time, patience, and continuous learning and education.  Always be sharpening your skills.  And if you are that person that is tired of spamming your friends and family and you’re ready to build a brand about YOU and YOUR VALUE that attracts the right people to your business, then grab this FREE 10 Day Attraction Marketing and Branding Course.  It’s the same course that I took that led me to start thinking about my business approach in a completely different way.

Talk soon!

Kelli XO



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