Sometimes it can feel like we’re running our business at a hundred miles an hour and then all the sudden everything comes to an immediate halt with no forward movement in sight. That’s when it’s time to call triple A, change your flat tire, and get back on the road.

Or in business terms; talk to more people, stay focused, and budget your time.

I’ve found what is most helpful to get unstuck is getting back to basics. This starts with simply talking to people! It sounds obvious, but when you are working so hard on building your business, it’s easy to lose the connection aspect. So make CONTACT with other humans! It’s what we’re meant to do! Get back into action and start talking to people. This will be your fuel to create new connections that will help propel your business.

The second way to get unstuck is to stay focused. With so many moving pieces of business, we often forget the fundamentals of what network marketing is. I can’t even count how many rabbit holes I’ve gone down and in turn, lost what the ultimate goal is. When this happens, take the time to refocus, remind yourself that you do know what you need to do, and get cracking. Stop looking for an easier, quicker solution or a secret method.

The “secret sauce” is YOU.

Understand what you have to offer, lead with value and get back to the core of what network marketing is; making connections.

The third and final tip to get you unstuck is to budget your time! We often hear this buzzy phrase, but what does it actually mean? It means UNDERSTANDING what your daily habits are and recognizing which of those habits are distracting you from your goals. Implement a daily action plan that is realistic for YOU. It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison game and put pressure on yourself to perform the same as those around you. That is going to lead to frustration and burnout.

Focus on RESULTS driven tasks and come up with daily marks that you know you can hit. This way you will be able to stay CONSISTENT and produce more in your business.

We’re all busy. We all live extremely busy lives. It took me being intentionally about my time to actually manage it better. I worked out a plan that was right for me and Ieveraged my time and strategic systems.

Having a plan in place means no more scrambling.

A great way to help your team get unstuck is to offer an incentive! Switch it up month to month and motivate them to reach new goals with a reward. Everybody likes to be a winner right?


  1. Talk to More People
  2. Stay Focused
  3. Budget Your Time

If you would like to dive deeper on any of these topics or have any questions on how to implement these strategies head over to the full video here and leave a comment! For more tips on business productivity join my group!