As individuals in this business we all fall prey to the comparison game. We look to those who are making more money, attracting higher paying clients, and having ultimate success. It can be frustrating while you’re building your business to constantly wonder ‘what am I doing differently?.’ Spoiler alert: there’s no SECRET! There are tangible steps you can take to become a top earner just like those you admire.

#1: Treat Your Business Like a BUSINESS

This isn’t your hobby, this isn’t your side hustle, this isn’t your part-time job. This is your PROFESSION. Commit to your business like you just landed your ultimate dream job. Know that you’re in it for the long haul and take consistent action. There is a huge difference between being interested in network marketing and being committed to it.

Be resourceful! When you don’t know how to do something, LEARN IT. If something isn’t working, CHANGE IT. INVEST in coaching and mentorship. Set REALISTIC goals and don’t let FEAR stop you from taking action.

When I started in this business I thought things were going to take off right away. I took major action, I thought I was doing everything right and yet business was still moving slow. But, I was in it for the long haul. I learned how to manage my expectations. I took the time to respect and learn the ways of the people at the top. To acknowledge the sacrifice they made, the crazy hours they worked adn their inability to give up.

#2: Master Language

The language you use shapes your mindset, your work, and your entire life. Your brain listens and acts based on the words you use. When it comes to your business, use COMMITTAL language. Instead of saying you are overwhelmed or frustrated; say you’re in the process of learning. Instead of saying you will try to get something done; say you commit to getting something done. Remember it takes time to master skills and network marketing is a skill.

#3: Always Be Learning

Top earners are top students. They take time to focus and commit to practicing their skills. They learn from their mistakes and course correct. Soak up all the knowledge, seek additional mentorship, and be the best student you can!

Find a system, create and action plan, commit to the process.

#4: Implement

During my first two years in this industry I followed these first three steps extremely closely. I went to every event, seminar, tearing, conference, listened tto every podcast, read every book. I had notebooks full of notes…that I never looked at again.

Even though I put in all the time to learn, I didn’t IMPLEMENT any of the information I had gained. Top earners take ACTION. Top earners not only market their business but they market themselves as a brand. That’s how they attract higher quality prospects and build a successful business.

I’ve learned all of these things from watching those that are more successful than me. So remember to respect, study, and learn from the top earners in your industry! If you would like to hear more on this topic you can watch my full video below, and for more network marketing tips join my group!