We all know the old saying “your network is your net worth.” It’s a classic line, because it’s TRUE. The people you connect with will make or break your business. Here are three of  my top tips if you’re struggling to find those people and make those connections.

#1: Establish Credibility and Get Clear on Your Target Market

The first and most important thing in networking marketing is to KNOW WHO you’re marketing to! If you don’t know who your audience is, you won’t know what content to put out, how to connect and how to add value to their lives. You want to be extremely clear on who your ideal customers and prospects are. This is not the time to be vague! Figure out who YOU want to work with and start looking in the right places to find those people.

#2: Be Visible

In order to have people start reaching out to you, they have to know you EXIST! You need to be active on your personal profile, business page and/or inside groups. Groups have changed the game when it comes to networking. Look for groups that are genuinely relevant to YOU and YOUR LIFE. This is not the time to overdo it. Join groups filled with people who like the same thing as you, who do the same hobby as you, or who live in your area! Once you’re there, engage with people, build relationships, answer questions and provide VALUABLE content (no spam!). These practices will cultivate true, authentic relationships that will help you in your business in the long run.

#3: Network

All of this comes down to networking. SHOW UP in people’s notifications, REACT to people’s content, COMMENT your thoughts, SHARE content that is relevant to YOU, and do this all AUTHENTICALLY. I look for like-minded people and I make it a point to get to know them without a hidden agenda. This is not the time to be prospecting everybody. This is about growing your network with people who parallel your values and will stick around down the line.

These are SIMPLE steps you can take to start growing your business! Make it a goal to receive more friend requests than you send! Watch your network grow and your business flourish with it.

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