Once you get started, it doesn’t take long to feel overwhelmed by your business. If you are waking up with SO much to do every day you don’t even know where to start, that’s when  you know the overwhelm has set in. Overwhelm comes from having no plan, no focus, and no activity.

I have definitely been there and have recently found a game-changing way to get out of overwhelm. It may sound simple, but trust me, it gets the job done.

You’re going to start with this sentence: “I will accomplish X by Y.” X represents a job or task you want to accomplish, and Y is the date you want it done by. The trick is to make your X something you can CONTROL the result of.

Here’s an example from my own business… instead of saying “I will enroll five people in my course this week,” I say “I will produce activities that lead people to enrollment.” You can’t MAKE someone say yes, but you can execute the steps to get them there. 

When I was feeling massive overwhelm, I broke everything down into the following XY goals (my Y for all of these is 30 days):

  • “I will publish 1 blog post per week”
  • “3 FB lives each week”
  • “create content for 2 emails to send my list”
  • “grow my list by 50 leads”
  • “I will do at least 1 video chat or phone call with a potential lead or prospect”

You can see that each of these items has a reachable objective, a trackable number, and they are all things that I can CONTROL. Take some time this week or month to write down a few of your own XY goals; things that you WILL accomplish! 

Watch the full video below to learn more on how I get out of overwhelm!