Bad days in business are inevitable. They are GOING to happen. When they do come about, you have the power to turn those bad days around with a mindset shift. The number one way to turn around a bad day is to reconnect with your WHY.

Remember WHY you are in this business, WHY you are doing this, and WHY you are in the industry (deeper than just ‘to make money’). Having a strong why will give you the power to shift your mindset on the darkest of days.

One of my favorite ways to build confidence is to attend company events. These events always build my belief in what I’m doing and my confidence in my ability to succeed. Events keep you moving forward, help you build your team, and help you connect with people who will motivate you to keep working.

I have a few other tips for you to refer to when you feel that your confidence in your business is dipping…

#1: Have a Result

This doesn’t have to be a physical result; a transformation, a major visible shift. It’s actually better if this is a product or financial result. If you have a product that made you FEEL amazing internally, that will be a stronger selling point and reason to believe in it than anything physical.

#2: Learning and Teaching

If you DO have a result from a financial perspective, you know there are tons of people who want to know how you achieved it. So step up and be a leader! Get involved in your team and ask if you can be the one to teach from time to time. This will reinvigorate the confidence you have in yourself to LEARN, DO, and TEACH!

#3: Self-talk

We all have negative self-talk, so making a change is about being able to CONTROL those thoughts and SHIFT that mindset. When you find yourself in a negative self-talk loop, think of something positive, practice gratitude, read personal development books, listen to podcasts. Do anything that gets you out of your own head and SHIFTS your mindset.

#4: Educate Yourself

Get educated about the industry that you’re in and how to be successful in it outside of the information that is being provided to you by your team lead. Take a look at what other successful people are doing to build their business.

Move away from direct sales and move into network marketing (and LEARN the difference between the two). Always remember that you are impacting people’s LIVES through your product, hold on to that belief and you will find other people who want to feel the same sense of purpose that you do.

#5: Block Out the Negativity

You are always going to have people who question what you are doing. You aren’t working the “typical” job or living the “typical” lifestyle. That’s when you have to accept that they don’t know what they don’t know and move forward with YOUR belief in yourself.

Sometimes you have to remove a toxic relationship fully, and sometimes you just have to have a one-on-one chat. You can always say to someone doubting you that you understand they are skeptical and it’s okay if they don’t necessarily like what you’re doing, but you need them SUPPORT you at the end of the day. Plus, most people who are critical are broke, unhappy, jealous, so keep doing you!

Refer back to this blog post anytime you are feeling low, doubting yourself and your business, or wondering if you really should be doing what you’re doing! It’s all about the simple steps to interrupt your thought pattern and SHIFT your mindset back to positivity.

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