There is one game above all that will kill any business in a heartbeat. This game is deadly no matter how it is played. It’s effects sink in quickly. So quickly that often times the player doesn’t even realize it’s been played until it’s too late. It is the silent killer of businesses everywhere. Don’t let this be you. Don’t play The Comparison Game.

The Comparison Game

The rules of the game are simple: see someone who has what you want and compare yourself to them. It doesn’t matter how you are comparing yourself, it is the very comparison itself that becomes toxic. In the beginning it might seem harmless. However, no one is immune to the effects of the game. At one point or another, your business will die from the toxins of the game.

recruiting bootcampIn a matter of seconds, The Comparison game can steamroll your confidence, snuff out your self-esteem, and destroy your drive to keep going. At first you might not notice these effects: that is why the game is such a silent killer. Sometime after playing, you will inevitably start to feel the effects. And, you will start to notice the symptoms in your business.

The Side Effects

People who are playing The Comparison Game suffer of many side effects. Some are noticeable right away, others take a while to sink in. Regardless of how long it takes, these symptoms are deadly and they can take your business out completely. These side effects are uncomfortable, and they are the direct cause of business failures.

The biggest symptoms include:

  • Feelings of unworthiness
  • Questioning yourself and your abilities
  • Regretting your choice to go into business
  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Diminished hope for success
  • Lack of motivation to keep trying
  • Jealousy towards those who are succeeding
  • Embarrassment about your present circumstances
  • Desperation to try and make your business succeed
  • Resentfulness that you are not where they are

As you keep playing, you might even notice more symptoms come up. Anger, depression, fear, and other unwanted emotions can strike. When we start experiencing these symptoms, we often make one final attempt to turn our business into a success. We desperately start trying every marketing technique we can find to try and make our business a massive success. As a result, we often follow bad advice and drive our leads even further away from us. Then, the business completely fails.

Jumping off the Bandwagon

online marketingIt doesn’t have to be like that for you.

You don’t have to lose your business, your confidence, your hope, your drive, or your success. You really can have it all, as long as you wait and work for it.

Pay attention closely: it doesn’t serve you to keep playing the comparison game. Unless you want to single-handedly sabotage your own success, you need to stop playing as soon as possible. Regardless of where you are in your business, it is not too late to stop playing and start over again. Even if the business seems to have failed, you can adjust your plan and move forward with renewed spirit and hope.

When you stop comparing yourself to others, you open up the opportunity for you to recognize your own greatness. You leave room for yourself to achieve success without worrying about why it doesn’t look the same as everyone else’s. Your confidence will be restored, and you will remember that you truly do have the opportunity to make success in your business and in your life!

Next week I am going to show you exactly how you can jump off the bandwagon. We are going to discuss a philosophy I have learned that will help you identify why comparison is ineffective and invalid and how you can work past it.

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Talk soon!
Kelli XO



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