You quit your 9-to-5 because you wanted freedom, right?

You wanted to be your own boss, make your own schedule, and take your career and success into your own hands, right?

You, like many other entrepreneurs, wanted to eliminate the need for anyone else to be involved in your success because you were sick of the glass ceilings being put above your amazing talents. You and you alone were to be the leader of your success.

Only, eventually you have to involve other people.

The Solopreneur Stalemate

Many entrepreneurs start out as solopreneurs. They are tired of their success being weighed down by others and so they set out to do their own thing. In this quest for freedom, they have no desire to be attached to anyone else. It is just them and their customers, period.

And then comes the ultimatum, or the stalemate.

You can either consider yourself maxed out and continue juggling all of the balls involved in business, as well as everything in your own life as well. Which, let’s be honest, will eventually lead you to crash in burn. Or, you can admit that you need help and you can start branching out. At first you might be hesitant. After all, this journey was about you and your freedom, right? Well, eventually the freedom is found in building an empire with the right kind of people.

Ending the Stalemate

Eventually there comes a time where you have to end the stalemate. Many entrepreneurs fail because they simply can’t admit that they need help, nor do they see the value in asking for help. At this time, they feel as though a plea for help would deem them unsuccessful. It proves that they actually couldn’t do it on their own, and so they feel helpless. They start playing The Comparison Game and envying everyone who is doing it seemingly on their own, without ever finding out the truth.

The truth is: entrepreneurs who succeed are the ones who end the stalemate by reaching out for help. They realize that asking for help isn’t admitting defeat. In fact, asking for help means you have singlehandedly grown your business to such a successful level that you now need assistance in running it so that you can keep up with the demand of your growing client list!

The reality is this: the majority of entrepreneurs who are out there succeeding are people who have hired additional help. They have virtual assistants, people who they bounce their ideas off of, and maybe even a helping hand or two for directly serving their clients. Any task they need assistance with, they recognize this and are willing to hire the required help to accomplish the job. And as a result… their businesses THRIVE!

So…how will you end your stalemate? Will you admit defeat, or will you build an empire?

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