Are you still struggling to nix The Comparison Game from your business?

I get it. It’s hard. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! When you want success so badly, it can be difficult to see other’s having it before you. But, there’s something you need to think about. The Time Zone Philosophy has a completely life-changing effect and it can transform the way you think about your own success versus others’.

The Time Zone Philosophy

Across the globe there are more than 24 different time zones.

doing network marketingFor example, Arizona is in the mountain time zone and New York is in the eastern time zone. There is a two-hour time difference between the two states, even though they are within’ the same country. Between California and South Korea there is a 16-hour time difference! The entire globe is running at different times, yet no one feels truly ahead or behind. You simply recognize your own time zone and trust that everyone else’s time is moving forward and you’ll all experience each time of day. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t stop the time from moving.

In each time zone, events happen exactly as they should. South Korea may experience the first day of June 16 hours before California, but it doesn’t mean that California won’t experience the first day of June. It simply means that California will experience it in its own time. And the same goes on forever. California will never catch up to South Korea, but South Korea will never leave California behind. They are always in perfect harmony, even if one appears to be ahead of the other. No one feels as though they have an advantage or disadvantage for the time they are in. It simply is what is.

Your Time Zone

When it comes to people, there are billions of time zones. Each person is in their own time zone, in fact. There is no need to worry or rush to move forward because the simple law of time is that it will move forward whether you want it to or not. You couldn’t stop it even if you tried! The same is true for your success when you continue working towards it.

When you take the time to settle down and enjoy each moment of life, you give yourself the opportunity to experience it all. You lay the foundation for the future moments, and you experience the value of the present ones. There is no worry that the next moment won’t come with great success because you know it is coming. The moment is destined to arrive, and if you lay the foundation, it is destined to arrive in the way you have created it through your actions.

Comparing Time Zones

There is no value in comparing your time zone to someone else’s. Just because they appear to be several hours ahead of you doesn’t mean that they didn’t endure the same struggles you did. They also experienced the same time you did, it is inevitable. Their time is simply on a different course than yours.

network marketing competitorsWhen we look at successful people, we often isolate the time in their life to where they are now. We don’t explore their past, recognize the history they endured, or take the time to really understand that we all came from the same place. Instead, we see that they have success now and we get jealous. Furthermore, the words they use may make it seem as though success was easy. As though they didn’t struggle. But no matter what they tell you in their marketing, they did. In fact, if you were to reach out to them and start a conversation, it is almost guaranteed that they will tell you they were where you are at one time! If they don’t, they’re not being honest with you.

If you are feeling trapped in The Comparison Game and keep comparing your time zone to someone else’s, it’s time to transform the way you approach your business. If you are ready to learn how you can embrace your own time zone, you’ll want to take the 10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp so you can free up your time and make the most of your working hours!

Cheers to your success!

Kelli XO



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