Buckle up…this may not be exactly what you want to hear. If your business isn’t growing, you are STUCK.

Sometimes as we build our business, we gather a lot of different info. We train, listen, read, but we still don’t’ IMPLEMENT. If you’re not doing anything to change, if you’re not taking your business to the next level, or if you’re still going about things in the same way you always have without results, it’s time to shift.

A lot of the times we keep doing the things we were originally taught to do because we were promised a result with consistency. But the longer we go being consistent with no result, the deeper into the hole of stunted growth we will get. Things aren’t’ going to change if you don’t change your strategies and approach to business.

There are three key things that I found made a huge difference when I felt stuck.

#1: Recognize You Are Stuck

When you see that your income isn’t increasing and you are in the same exact place as the start of the year, you have no business growth, and you’re not hitting your goals…your STUCK. Admit it. Accept it. Do something to change it.

#2: Seek Out Mentorship or Coaching

Come into your business with a BUSINESS mindset and don’t view it as just a hobby. Once you commit and invest in the coaching to treat your business like a BUSINESS, you will learn what it really takes to grow.

#3: Get Into Alignment

If you aren’t feeling aligned with the leadership or culture of the company, you aren’t going to be productive. Sometimes we outgrow teams, and when that happens it’s important to seek out a new place that feels like home. In order to be successful with a company, you have to believe in their core values, their leadership, goals, team, and upline.

So, here’s the tough love: HOW LONG are you willing to wait to make a change? It’s up to YOU to DECIDE to change and take ACTION.

Check out the full video below!