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Are you ready to build your personal Lead Generation Machine?

Despite what many think, email is NOT dead!

In a world of social media, you may disagree but there are many reasons why e-mail is still an important strategy in building a business online.


It’s Personal

It is a direct way to communicate with someone and it lands right in their inbox.


It is purposeful

The person on the receiving end filled out a form to hear from you. That means they identified with the information and content that you provided or were offering and they “opted” in to receive more from you.


It’s targeted

You can build a list that is filled with mostly ideal clients/customers and continue to deliver relevant information to them. It gives you an audience to nurture and “warm” up to you. Then you can make them offers and pitch your goods/services knowing that it is information they are seeking.


You OWN it

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, you OWN your contacts and emails. If social media blows up and crashes, you would lose most of your network. We rely so much on social to build our network today but we really need to think about having a list that we own and can take anywhere we go. You may be partnered with a company that has a CRM system for you…but again…if they close their door tomorrow, you’re out of a list of contacts.

Email Outperforms the Rest

Most people use email several times a day. There is this notion out there among some “not so savvy” business people that email is dead. Not true. Think about it…whenever you sign up for something online whether it be a membership site, subscription, or even an app on your phone…the first piece of info they request during the registration process is an email address. I get emails every day from Amazon suggesting a new book to read or from Audible offering me to download a new selection.

The truth is, out of all the online marketing channels out there, email still outperforms the rest.

In fact, I filled my first group coaching program last year all through emailing my list.

Facebook is changing…

The newsfeed is slowly going to fade away and I want to make sure you have a foolproof system to not only protect your network and the following that you worked so hard to create, but also a way to continue to generate leads for your business and start attracting your ideal clients/customers and business partners.

If you’re like me, technical stuff and making sure everything is connected and working the way it is supposed to, makes my eyes twitch!

The good news…I have a team that is ready to help you set up a simple list-building and lead generating machine!






A fully designed 1 page PDF Opt-in “freebie” you can use to market yourself and provide value in exchange for people signing up for your email list. (you provide the content, we make sure it’s packaged up and looks pretty!)



A Landing Page to capture your prospect’s information.



CRM Integration to house the information that will be ready for you to communicate and nurture your new audience.

BONUS: a 30-minute call with me to discuss opt-in content ideas and strategy.

BONUS: a 30-minute call with me to discuss opt-in content ideas and strategy.

The Facebook algorithm has already begun to change and less people are seeing your content. Let’s get you set up with an automated process to build an audience that will go with you wherever you go in your online career.